Gold coating is a method of depositing layer of gold onto the surface of another metal, through the process of electrolysis with the help of pulse rectifiers. The Salient features of our 24Kt Gold coating with NTGD Technology (on Copper, Brass, Silver and Bronze)

  • Only 5gms / Sq. ft Gold is required
  • Brilliant golden color which will remain without any change even after 25 years as Gold will not oxidize (Blacken) since it will not migrate into copper.
  • Gold deposited can be exactly measured.

Electro Phoretic Lacquer (EPL) With Nano Technology

EPL is an advanced lacquering process wherein lacquer is coated by electrolysis and cured 160 C. This unique process done under expert supervision coupled with predefined process parameter at various level gives 4 to 6th pencil hardness of the basic metals and clears 500 Hrs of salt spray test. We have acquired distinct capability for lacquer coating up to 25 microns to give ultimate finish and life to the articles – which conform ASTM standards. By virtue of well structured heating process at 160 C fallowed by phenomenal curing techniques, the lacquering done by us will fuse with base metal where by the finish life will be extraordinary and will give endurability.

Hard Lacquer

Top coating by tough lacquer though lacquers process with nano composites. This process is advanced coating system from UK which is compatible only with EPL process and make the surface absolutely non porous. It cures once again at 160C to give a durable tough topcoat to take care of UV radiation.

Golden Dye

A cathodic electro paint system to give golden look to copper brass and silver item confer where resistance and excellent weathering properties due to its high degree of UV resistance and comparatively lost cost coating process then silver and copper.
smart creations
smart imageSmart Creations is a decade-old pioneer in 24 karat Gold Coating services with a spiritual touch. With two flagship service brands, Pon Alayam (creating Golden Temples) and Pon illam (creating Golden Homes), we focus on enriching sanctity and serenity, thus enabling better life-qualities.