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    Smart Creations employs the latest micron gold plating with nano technology lacquering to execute projects with ease, lesser man power, higher quality and zero wastage. Our team of experts do thorough study and devise the most effective way to execute the project. They are technically and aesthetically sound aiding maximum delivery with minimum fuss.


    With over 21 years of experience in the field, we are well versed in the techniques of industrial coatings and the art of Golden Temple architecture. One of the first firms to cater to this market in South India, we have carved a niche as one of the leading experts in this arena with over 4500+ successful projects in India and abroad. Our remarkable output speaks of our expertise.


    We add value both physically and spiritually by enhancing the very nature of the temples. Using gold, the noblest of metals we increase the richness and positive vibrations. Consuming less gold we increase the affordability of donors in this holy tribute. The people visiting the temple are awestruck by the grandeur and feel blessed to be in the divine ambience.


    Smart Creations technology allows us to provide a minimum guaranty of 25 years* on the gold plating. Gold being a noble metal remains pure through the years protected from the environment by the lacquer coating. On stripping and renovation, 95% of the gold consumed can be recovered successfully . This saves the temple considerably on renovation costs.


    About Us

    Gold Coating services with a spiritual touch

    Headquartered in the bustling industrial area of Ambattur, Chennai, Smart Creations Pvt. Ltd. is a leading expert in Industrial coatings in India. With over 21 years of experience we have built a reputation on the highest quality of service and products. We have now grown and added International home decor and Golden Temple Architecture market to our repertoire. Started with lot of faith and 4 employees, with the founder himself undertaking all the technical work, we have now increased our resources. Business has expanded to two showrooms in Chennai with many franchises and tie ups across India and abroad.

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    >Prem Mandir,Uttar Pradesh, India

    Prem Mandir, Allahabad, UP, India

    Alwarthirunagari Permual Temple, Thoothukudi, Tamilnadu, India

    Alwarthirunagari Permual Temple, Thoothukudi, Tamilnadu, India

    Shirdi Saibaba,Andhra Pradesh, India

    Shirdi Saibaba,Andhra Pradesh, India

    Ananthapadmanabhaswamy Temple, Adyar, India

    Ananthapadmanabhaswamy Temple, Adyar, India




    Happy Devotees

    Ignatius  Church

    The church extends the heartiest of thanks to the Smart creations team for successfully executing the Golden Kodimaram project. The churchgoers also express their blessed feelings.


    sabarimala temple

    Sabarimala is the home of several golden works of Smart Creations. They have proved their expertise in gold plating to our full satisfaction.The temple will forever shine with the golden guaranty of Smart Creations.

    Ayyappan Temple, Sabarimala

    namakkal anjeneyar

    The Shri Anjaneyarswamy Kavacham is a masterpiece that has brought the blessings of Shri Hanuman upon us. We owe our heartfelt gratitude to the Smart Creations team for this beautiful creation.

    Sri Namakkal Anjeneyar Temple

    mahabodhi bodhgaya

    Our faith in Indian Craftsmen has been restored. The excellent work at Bodhgaya is a witness to the skill of Smart Creations team.The work was on-situ, further strengthening our trust on them.

    Mahabodhi Bodhgaya Temple

    kamachi amman

    The temple board is grateful to Smart Creations teams for executing the beautiful golden vimanam, dhwajasthambam and kalasams. They have become the pride of our temples.

    Kanchi Kamakchi Amman Temple