18 April 2020

Guard yourself against COVID19, for God helps those who help themselves!

India is a very spiritual country. In fact one can venture to say we are the most spiritual

16 April 2020

What the Bhagavad Gita says about Duty

Fight for the sake of Duty, treating alike happiness and distress, loss and gain, victory and defeat. Fulfilling your responsibility in this way,

11 April 2020

Celebrating Tamil New Year during COVID19 Quarantine

The much awaited Tamil New Year or Tamil Puthaandu is approaching fast but the usual expectations and joy is a little lacking,

10 April 2020

The intimate connection of our intellect and Karma

One cannot achieve freedom from karmic reactions by merely abstaining from work, nor can one attain perfection of knowledge by

04 April 2020

Understanding the connection of the Soul and Body

When the question arises whether we are our body or mind, the answer would be that we are the soul residing within the shells of our body.

03 April 2020

Remote Team productivity is not a remote idea anymore

If there’s one positive point for those working professionals in the COVID 19 pandemic, it is home quarantine and being enabled to work right from

28 Mar 2020

Breaking the barriers – Anxiety during COVID 19 quarantine

With the Novel Corona virus situation quickly escalating from an epidemic to a pandemic,

26 Mar 2020

Parenting Tips for Quarantine

We are all ensconced within the safety of our homes during this COVID19 quarantine period. As adults we find ourselves engaged with various chores around the home or at least work out a daily routine for ourselves.

23 Mar 2020

If You Can’t Go Outside, Then Go Inside

We are so used to moving out and about in Society, that this sudden quarantine has proved to be a strain on our bodies and minds. In a regular day, most of the household members would have