21 Mar 2020

Celebrating New Year, the Ugadi style

India is a land of festivities and celebrations and Hinduism has no dearth of it. Each state has its own practises and culture. There are different new years celebrated throughout the country

19 Mar 2020

The Causes and Countermeasures of the Navagrahas

When you enter the temple, during the circumambulation, to the North East of the Sanctum Sanctorum lies a Granite pedestal

16 Mar 2020

First Golden temple of India

What draws people to a temple, besides their search for spiritual retribution? Is it the architecture, the stories, the rituals or could it be the enticing gleam of gold that sets it miles apart from other temples? The gold which we use

12 Mar 2020

Wow Facts and Significance of Jyotirlingas

Lord Shiva is acelebrated and much-feared and loved God worldwide. He is more rustic and humanthan Brahma or Vishnu, which has made him more

07 Mar 2020

The Festival of Colours in a Snap - All about Holi..!

India is a colourful country that is rich in festivities and culture. Although the year is filled with festivals and pujas, none are as colourful as the vibrant festival of Holi.

05 Mar 2020

Did you know? Stunning first ever Hindu Temple in the UAE..!

We know that we are! While the UAE has been a strict Muslim community, with only minor shrines and institutions permitted to other religions,