About Us

Who We are

We are Smart Creations, a 20+ years old organisation that is the foremost provider of services in Industrial and 24kt Gold plating. Back in the year 1998, Smart Creations was established in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Gold and Industrial metal plating was a niche field at a time when it was dominated by few foreign firms and individuals from North India. Any South Indian project involving this service was at the mercy of those few, which resulted in exorbitant rates and a quality that the consumers did not have the luxury to question. Our Founder and Owner identified the need for a reputed and trustworthy service provider in the South who could meet the high demands of the industry. After spending some time in Mumbai learning the trade, the Smart Creations facility was set up. The challenge was to deduce ways to reduce the waste and expense incurred by conventional practises of Gold plating. The solution came in the form of the patented UK technology – NTGD – Nano Tech Gold Deposition. The process not only enabled us to reduce the wastage to zero but considerably reduce the amount of Gold consumed, while increasing the product’s life. The impeccable quality offered at economical price range has helped us reach a Global audience. Smart Creations directly employs traditional artisans for our Golden Temple projects. In collaboration with them we have completed over 4800 projects. Identifying the need for a regular form of monetary compensation for them, we also run a separate retail line, Mantra Gold Coatings through which we take their handcrafted products to an international front. Further plans to empower them by creating Skill Development Centres and business schools are on the board for the years to come.

The Man behind the Brand

Pankaj Bhandari is a deep personality, filled into a slight frame. When the proverbial dutiful son is expected to take over from the father, here was someone who wanted to take a stand and make a name for himself. A successful business graduate with an enviable job, soon realized that working for someone else was not his cup of tea. Thus was launched Smart Creations, in 1998 a tentative venture into the Gold and metal plating industry. The field then was monopolized by a firm from Mumbai and other larger industries sought foreign companies for their needs. He could not have found a better niche for himself, if he could only get the right technology and offer the services at competitive prices. He personally learnt the technology and put himself to work in the plant, setting an example for his fellow employees. From Industrial coatings and bespoke metal plating, the idea for Golden temple architecture sprang into his mind. The Gold plating firms in India were mostly offering only conventional and wasteful Gold plating methods. Pankaj on the other hand, wishing to conserve the hard earned donations of the devotees opted to offer the innovative NTGD technology that has Zero wastage, lower consumption, better quality and recoverability. His efforts have become Golden tributes to the Gods that have captured the hearts of the devotees in their Divine glow. When Golden temple projects grew, he had to hire more artisans to meet the demands. He realized that the artisans were out of work most of the year, except for the duration employed in his projects. Thus was born the retail line, Mantra Gold Coatings that sourced handcrafted brass and bronze artifacts from the artisans. The products would then be coated in various finishes at the Smart Creations factory. He created a whole new perennial source of income that has literally pulled the traditional metalwork art of India, from the brink of extinction. The employability has also prevented the leaching out of young talent into other fields. Smart Creations and the Brand Mantra Gold Coatings has taken Indian handicrafts to an International platform. In the coming years, he has planned to combine his efforts with conservationists and other handicraft artisans to promote Indian handicrafts and give them their due recognition. He also plans to build a school for artisans and entrepreneurs to develop their art and its trade.

What we do

Smart Creations has 4 major business divisions which have earned their own identities as brands. Each has grown at a different pace but within a short span of time have captured the interest of International consumers with our transparency, quality and ethical practises. Swarnasristi, is the Golden Temple division that undertakes all and any Plating work that is issued from temple authorities and donors. We have over 4800 Golden temples to our credit, which are spread across the world.Traditional and local artisans are employed on all our projects as an effort to conserve the traditional art forms. We bring them in from all parts of India, bearing all the expense, depending on locale and the nature of work. We also work directly onsite with a temporary plant as per client’s requirement. All the handwork is done exclusively by the artisans. The Smart Creations team only moves in for the plating services. The materials are ethically sourced from the most trustworthy dealers. The entire process is also done in an environmentally conscious way to bring the maximum quality output with minimum impact on resources. We share the joy and the blessings of the devotees who have shown pure love and amazement at these Golden wonders. Mantra Gold Coatings is our retail division, which was started to offer a consistent operating platform for the traditional artisans who work on our temple projects. Handcrafted brass and bronze metal ware are created in traditional and contemporary designs, under the names Mantra Divine and Mantra Contemporary. As an effort to integrate wood work artisans into the fold, we create standard and custom made Puja mandirs in a combination of wood and metal. Despite the brand being only 5 years old, the divine idols and home decor have found their way into 15000 homes and businesses worldwide. Right from the start, the hardware and instrumentation industry, in both Government and Private sectors have been major patrons of our Industrial coatings. Our outstanding technical team and the certified practices have gained the trust of big names in the industry who have remained loyal customers till date. Mantra Industrial is the brand that covers all the Plating projects apart from retail and Golden Temple projects. Several prominent hardware brands are our premium and long-time customers. This is owing to the fact that our services are certified by Government bodies that have given us their stamp of approval. All our work is monitored by CECRI – The Central Electrochemical Research Institute of India. We have stringent operating protocols to ensure the safety of personnel working at our factory as well as to bring out the most efficient and effective output, with quality. Government agencies like ISRO and Kalpakkam Atomic plant are our frequent clients entrusting sensitive and highly crucial plating projects to us. We are also partnered with several boutique hotel chains, architects and interior designers for their plating needs.

Key Values

We operate with few essential values that are core to our daily functioning. The value system was set by our founder and has been implicitly registered in the minds of every member of our team.
1. To restore and revive the cultural heritage of India by engaging traditional artisans, stapathis and individuals with key skills in handicrafts.
2. Add value to places of worship and increase their revenue by providing the best 24kt Gold Plating services.
3. Providing the means to livelihood, growth and development of skills among our partners and their families.
4. A strong commitment to help the customer identify their requirements and deliver the product to their specific needs, at the highest quality.
5. To execute the plating process in a transparent way, providing third party verifications and certifications as necessary.
6. The efficient use of NTGD technology to minimize the consumption of Gold to about 3-5gm/sft. 7. All our gold plating services comes with a warranty ranging from 15 to 60 years, with a possibility of recovering upto 90% of the original gold deposit.
8. Last, but not least to provide the customer with both satisfaction and happiness with regard to our products or services by making the entire process pleasant for them.

Competitive Advantage

1. The unique NTGD technology – Nano Tech Deposition of Gold . This is an electroplating process that allows for reduced consumption of Gold for a larger surface area, as compared to conventional practices. The NTGD technology also provides uniformity in coating, and a longer life. This is backed by our certification of warranty ranging from 15 to 60 years, thereby enhancing our service ability and reputation.
2. We give the assurance that up to 90% of the Gold used in the plating can be recovered at any point of time provided that the structure remains intact. We have demonstrated this ability at various instances where the project involved stripping and re-plating, thereby rendering the customer considerable savings in buying new gold for the project.
3. We receive repeated orders from long-time customers. Most of our major projects are through referrals and word of mouth, which is a testimony to the reputation of the firm’s work standards and ethics.
4. We provide assurance standard certifications for our electro-plating services issued by Government labs like CECRI, IIT, DRDO, ISRO, and other third-party agencies from time to time.
5. We have the capacity to set up temporary plants for in situ work, sending over a team to the client’s location directly.