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About smartcreations

Smart Creations is a 20+ years old organisation that is the foremost service provider in Industrial and 24kt Gold Platings. Started in the year 1998, Smart creations brought the innovative NTGD technology to the southern regions, at an economical price range. Operating from Ambattur Industrial estate in Chennai, we have manged to reach a global audience with our impecaable quality and transparency. Smart Creations has 4 major business divisions which have earned their own identities as brands. Swarnasrishti, is the Golden Temple division that undertakes all and any Plating work that is issued from temple authorities and donors. We have over 4800 Golden temples to our credit, which are spread across the world.

Mantra Gold Coatings is our retail division, which was started to offer a consistent operating platform for the traditional artisans who work on our temple projects. Handcrafted brass and bronze metalware are created in traditional and contemporary designs, under the names Mantra Divine and Mantra Contemporary. As an effort to integrate wood work artisans into the fold, we create standard and custom made Puja mandirs in a combination of wood and metal. Despite the brand being only 5 years old, the divine idols and home decor have found their way into 15000 homes and businesses worldwide. Right from the start , the hardware and instrumentation industry, in both Government and Private sectors have been major patrons of our Industrial coatings. Our outstanding technical team and the certified practices have gained the trust of big names in the industry who have remained loyal customers til date.