Smart Creations is now a proud part of an iconic Buddhist pilgrimage site. When an anonymous donor wished to add value in gold, to the the venerated site of Buddhas ascent to enlightenment, it was truly the grace of God that made them approach Mr. Pankaj Bhandari, founder of Smart Creations. Bodh gaya is the most revered of all the Buddhist sacred sites. House to a descendant of the famed Bodhi tree under which Buddha achieved enlightenment , the first ever temple here was built by Emperor Ashoka himself. It is located about 110 kilometres from Patna. The state of Bihar itself derives its name from the term "Vihar", meaning Monastries , which this state has aplenty.
The donor rallied a group of like-minded people and chose a firm from Thailand to execute the project. On applying for the project permit to IAS officers, their proposal got rejected. The officers set forth terms and conditions for selection of the right company for the job. It called for absolute transparency, work to be carried on site, guaranty of minimum 25 years and approval of scientific bodies. It was no mean feat that the committee approached Smart Creations which fulfilled all the criteria with dazzling certifications and recommendations from IIT, CECRI, DRDO and ISRO.
Mr. Bhandari, who was glad to accept the proposal, was invited to visit Bodhgaya to work out the process and time schedule. The Donor team and Mr. Pankaj Bhandari met with he Temple secretary and outlined a plan of execution. The temple gave them approval for gold plating with 5kilograms of gold. As work progressed, they were impressed with the professionalism and efficient execution of Smart Creations, which made them trust us with 9kilograms of gold. The Vajrasana, the Divine vessels used for Pujas, and the railing around the Bodhi tree (Ran weta) were all covered in gold. The Smart Creations team had successfully delivered within the stipulated time building a bond of trust with the temple authorities.
Dating from the time of its construction in the 6th century, the temple has a long and interesting history. It was maintained by Sinhalese Monks till the Muslim invasion drove them back to their homeland and the temple fell into ruins. Despite multiple attempts to restore the temple , it wasn’t until the British period under Lord Alexander Cunningham that the actual restoration happened. The temple itself is extensively covered in carvings and reliefs on the life and teachings of Buddha and the Lotus the symbol of peace and purity. The 50 m Spire dominates the landscape and invites the visitors with its magnetic presence. Devotees from all across the world throng the temple to feel the presence of the Buddha and cleanse their souls in the Lotus pond and the Meditation park. the Mahabodhi temple also has the Diamond throne the Vajrasana. The vajrasana was built by Ashoka to mark the place where Buddha elevated to his enlightened state. A shrine in gold and gems was discovered in the same location and another older sandstone shrine, by the British, which were thought to be the original temple built by Ashoka. The area has various other Buddhist temples built in the influence of South east Asia and Burma by the various empires that sought to control this piece of Buddhist culture. In 2002 UNESCO declared Bodh Gaya as a World Heritage Site to preserve this glorious monument to Buddha and his path to enlightenment.
Smart creations takes great honour in our name being associated with such a holy site as Bodhgaya. The moment of pride was when the temple management donor team coordinator Mr.Sudath Perera said, “The way Smart creations has executed the project, my respect for India has gone up”.